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Welcome to CbycGraphicDesign

Don't Have Facebook but want to see my latest designs, before they make it to the website? Now's your chance I decided to create a page that feeds all Creation by Crystal Graphic Design posts on Facebook directly to my website. Welcome to CbyCGraphicDesign Facebook Feed Page. You can also Follow Me on Instagram. Both Forms of Social Media if you search @cbycgraphicdesign you should be able to find me.

Setting up a Business Facebook page is not always easy. Figuring out just the right combo is best to represent your business can be and at times is a pain. Keeping an eye on it and managing it, that's easy but first you have to get there. It's also a service I offer. I'll set up your business Facebook page. Figure out the right combinations needed (Google is essential here) and do my best to set you up for success. When I'm done you will have full access to it. I can either stay on helping with posts and the daily management or turn it over. Message me if you would like to know more about this service or links to the pages I helped design or manage.

In this day and age linking your Facebook Page and Website is easy with the right plugin, tho finding the right one can be a challenge. Facebook is just one aspect in marketing your business. It also helps with creating your online presence as is your website. Believe it or not some people if they don't or can't find your online presence they will skip you and go to to the next person.

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