Welcome to my Jamberry Designs I have created for Nail Wraps page. I decided to sign up and try Creating Nail Wraps for Jamberry because I love working with graphics. If you have an event or want something special designed just for you Contact me I'd be happy to be your personal Jamberry Designer. I am not a consultant, I am not employed by Jamberry, I am a customer Designer.

If you need help finding a Consultant please let me know and I'll be happy to help with that. My affliation begins and ends with my Jamberry Designs. While I have several designs pre-made I am also open to Custom orders. What sparks my interest in Jamberry? It's one more personal touch I can offer my clients. It's one more way I can express myself artistically and being a Designer I have access to Jamberry's Nail Art Studio.

For Wedding or Parties what if we created a custom nail wrap you could give your female guests? Or you could tell your guests hey part of the package I got included a custom nail design, if you want to match the bridal party contact the designer to get your own set. I have made it easy to find my Jamberry Design page it's CbyCGraphicDesign just like my website. All Commissioned Nail Wrap designs will only be available to you and your guests unless you tell me you want it otherwise.

I really do mean if you can imagine it we can create it. My Jamberry Designs are one more way together we can make your event stand out from others. My goal is to make your event as special as possible and will work with you on all the graphic needs for your event. Which is one of the things that makes being a Jamberry Designer so appealing to me.

Below are copies of the Ads I created to promote my designs. Please feel free to use them and share them. If you are a Jamberry Independent Consultant and would like copies of the ads made up with your consultant information to be contacted to place orders for my designs please contact and let me know. If you would like Ads made up for your designs I would be happy to assist with that as well.


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Jamberry Designs, CbyCGraphicDesign< Jamberry NAS Designs
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